Monday, 6 September 2010


Did I mention that Ben and I actually won tickets to Step Up 3D but we mistook the date and ended up missing the tickets?? Well, now you know. It was a waste of a win because I was really excited about the show. But anyway, we did eventually get to watch Step Up with his sisters and Aunty.
It was quite a good show. It has many vividly colourful backgrounds and incredible choreography. Although there is really no solid storyline, it doesn't bother you because the dancing scenes will get your rapt attention. I just wanted to follow every move they make and see what move will come next. Made me wish that I could DANCE too!!! Haha!!!

After the movie, we had lunch in this Thai place in The Gardens (I didn't take note of the name, oops!) where the food there was extremely spicy!! I am quite a spicy-resistant person and yet I declare that the stuff there is spicy!! But despite that it was quite alright. I like how they served the pineapple rice. See:-

In a hollowed pineapple!!
But the rice didn't really taste of pineapple.

Next, to cool our my burning tongue(s); we had ice-cream from Gelatissimo. I've always liked this place; not only for their gelato ice-creams, but also the colourful spoons which they give us for sampling and eating. Between the 5 of us, we got almost all the colours of the rainbow in spoons!! Ta da!! :-
(Ok, fine. Not rainbow coloured, But ALMOST. =P )

Passion Fruit, Hazelnut and Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream!!


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