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Riblees, Desa Sri Hartamas

Do you like ribs??? If you do then you'll love-hate me for this post. Love me because I'll show you a place to get nice ribs, and hate me because you're sitting somewhere which is not Riblees and looking at my food pictures. Hehehehe...Image Hosted by
Okay okay..I'll stop taunting you and move on with the story. Don't throw whatever you're holding at me just yet!!! The place for nice ribs I'm talking about is Riblees which is located in Desa Sri Hartamas. Uncle brought us there for dinner based on a friend's recommendation and it turned out to be a very enjoyable dinner.

Riblees is located above the Al Rajhi Bank. You'll have to keep your eyes wide open to spot the sign else you would think you were tricked into going all the way for nothing. See if you can spot the Riblees sign at first glance in the picture below:-

A clearer view for you


Upon entry, we learned that it is best to make reservations at Riblees before dropping in there for dinner because the interior space was smaller than we expected; and we had to sit in the outdoor area for some time before we were moved to the indoor table. The environment there was very relaxing, with nice music to get you into a good mood to enjoy your food. The dimmed lighting added to the relaxed atmosphere but wasn't very conducive for picture snapping with my camera. I did my best though.

The menu
which has an interesting variety available for your pick.

They also serve 'desert'-s. =P

After scrutinising the menus, orders were put in quite quickly but the food took some time to arrive. I didn't mind the wait though because the food was fantastic!!

Wild Mushroom Soup

Garlic Bread Basket

And Riblees specialty which was the highlight of the night:
Full Slab of Classic American Babyback Ribs

My piece
The flavour was tangy and smoky. And the meat was tender and juicy. I practically swooned at each bite and so relished each mouthful. Wow. It'll be hard for me to go full time vegetarian after eating that!!!

Cheese and Nori Pork Fillet
Ben and I were wondering what the bunch of black stuff in there was and it turned out to be crispy seaweed. It's something new and I quite liked the fusion of flavours in that dish. Very Western meets Japanese.

Pan Fried Snapper
I didn't get a taste of the fish but I liked that they used asparagus and alfalfa in it. My first time seeing alfalfa being used in a dish that's not a sandwich. The asparagus was slightly overcooked so it was rather soggy.

After the main courses were finished, we asked for the menu again and ordered the 'desert'-s. Haha!!! Alright, I'll stop making fun of their mis-spelling. I was full to bursting from all the meat but I was interested to see what the desserts were like. We were all 'Ooh'-ing and 'Aah'-ing when the two desserts we ordered were set down on the table. In fact, everyone had forks in the ready-to-pierce-in stance while waiting for Ben and I to take pictures. Sorry!!!

Chocolate Mud Pie
This was SINFUL. I wish I could bake chocolate cake like this!!!
I wonder what the world will do without chocolate???!!!

Riblees Oreo Ice Cream Cake
This totally usurps the TGIF's Mocha Mudpie as my favourite ice-cream dessert!!! I LOVED this one!!! Again, what will the world do without ice-cream???

It was a really enjoyable dinner. Not just because of the great food but I was in great company which complimented my dining experience in a way no chef can do. I really really enjoyed myself.
Thank you Uncle for the nice dinner. And Aunty, Michelle, Jessica, Emily and GM for the great company. And my dearest Ben, I wonder what I'd do without you...Image Hosted by

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