Sunday, 18 April 2010

Black Sesame Cream is YUMMY!!

I went to KTZ for their yummy black sesame cream again!! Thanks to Kar Ning who brought us to SS2 for dinner the other day before our grocery shopping. Its such a nice change from Sunway area PLUS I get to enjoy good food without burning a hole in my purse.Image Hosted by

I absolutely LOVE this black sesame dessert, 'hak ji ma wu' in Cantonese. Although I still think the nicest black sesame I've ever had still comes from Ming Court, Ipoh; there are some pretty nice ones available here in KL and the one that holds my preference so far is the one from KTZ:-
The warm, sugary smell is just so nice...It's not too sweet, texture is fine and a little grainy, just as I like it...only not as thick as I would ideally prefer. Besides that I also ordered the Lo Mai Kai since I wasn't very hungry:-
I ended up feeling super full anyway. The lo mai kai was a bit too wet but not too bad. The others; Kar Ning, Abel, Yean Shan and Ji Yen kept offering me their food because they were worried I am not full. Haha!! Generous people. But the only thing I took were pictures of their food.Image Hosted by

Kar Ning's Chee Cheong Fun

and Siew Mai:-
The sauce was tasty!!!I suspect it was lemon sauce with some hot mustard. Interesting. We were tasting it in intervals and trying to guess what was in it. (and prawns!!) :P

Ji Yen and Abel ordered the Chicken Dumpling Tom Yam Lei Fan:-

Yean Shan's Beef Noodles:-

And lastly, how can I not show KTZ's bestselling desserts:-

Honeydew Loh and Mango Loh

I made myself hungry typing this post. =.=
Fortunately it's dinner time. Ramly Double Special here I come!!!!

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kumfye said...

ktz my favourite restaurant la...especially the mango loh...everytime i went there sure order one...very fresh...i usually went to the Kepong main branch...

kenwooi said...

luckily i had my dinner.. haha.. =)

JoYce said...


Yup!!the mango loh is very fresh. But I prefer the honeydew because somehow i like that fruit more. Hehe...but both r nice!!!


Haha...but you shuold go try one day. ;)

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