Saturday, 10 April 2010

Frogs for dinner..YUM

Yay-ness!!I am back in Ipoh for the weekend!!
My parents were at the train station at 1 a.m. to pick me and my brother. They took us out to Lou Wong for supper (I didn't know they opened till so late!!) and I had my fill of the famous nga choy kai (chicken and beansprouts). The quality has gone back up, which is really good since I have missed Ipoh food PLUS it was good for my sore throat.

Yeah, great timing to have sore throat. I have been hacking away none stop for the past two days, especially during the night (poor Yean Shan has no peaceful sleep). My dad brought me to the doctor first thing in the morning and the doc shook his head at my throat and asked me "What have you been doing?". Err...blame the weather?? I asked for STRONG cough syrup since I always take very long to recover from cough and he prescribed it along with antibiotics and flu medication:-

My drugs

Oh yeah...I can finally hold my new baby in my hands!!!:-Still getting to know my camera. It's a present from my parents for my progress so far in ACCA and also as motivation to complete the rest of my papers well. Once again, THANK YOU MUMMY AND PAPA!!!I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

Today's actually my Mummy's birthday, so my dad brought us to Chemor for our family dinner. Why Chemor?? Because this particular shop serves good tin kai. Hohoho..for those of you who do not know, tin kai is FROG.
It's really nice, trust me!Tastes like really tender, juicy chicken meat.

Besides the tin kai, we also ordered their signature Ginger Fried Chicken:-


Gu lou yoke (Sweet and sour stir-fried pork)

Steamed Catfish with Special Soy Sauce
The fish was REALLY FRESH. Yumm...

Back home, I took my medication and almost immediately KO-ed after taking 10ml of the cough syrup. STRONG STUFF. I hope my cough goes away faster. I hate sounding like a dusty old vacuum cleaner. *cough cough COUGH!!* *wheeze~~* *COUGH* *cough COUGH COUGH COUGH* Get what I mean?? Even I am annoyed by me. More water!!!

4 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

nice dinner =)

jfook said...

Am using Canon as well. Hello CANON FAN! Haha. I love froggy as well. :P

JoYce said...

Hi kenwooi. Yup!!!totally enjoyed my dinner.:D

And DOUBLE HIGH-5 to jfook!! Am loving my new cam. And frog is tasty. xDDD

the nat said...

nice camera! i'm eyeing a canon as well, but the powershot series...

my current ixus has died on me after 6 yearssss...

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