Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mine blowing

9 a.m. and I was back in my room. Not bad seeing as the previous times when I traveled back to Subang from Klang by the 7:40 a.m train, I will reach my room at about 10:30 a.m. Waiting for buses early in the morning can be the most excruciating experiences you can go through. This time, instead of waiting for the Buss 66 or Bus 68 to appear and bring me back to Sunway College; I took the Bus 99 to Sunway Pyramid and then Bus 11 back to Sunway College a.k.a walking on my own two legs. Ha ha ha. . . . .Okay..never mind if you don't get my lame joke.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I consider this morning's walk my exercise for the day. Phew..carrying a bag full of clothes and files + a laptop bag + a handbag and walking IS exercise okayyy...(self assuring self-assuring).

Anyway, Ben surprised me by saying he'd come meet me for a quick drink after his class in the evening.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us It was raining and jamming all the way to Pyramid and when IN Pyramid, we had to hunt for a place with socket plugs because I brought my laptop out for transferring stuff from his. Anyway, after detouring from place to place, we settled ourselves at the 2nd Starbucks near Sunway Lagoon. I ordered Starbuck's new Espresso and Cream Frappuccino to try:-
Pooh..we both agreed it tasted more CREAM than espresso. Coffee kick = nil. Regret-ness. I should have stuck to my trusty Caramel Macchiato or the Green Tea Frappuccino. Never mind, the stuff I got from Ben made up for it. He installed Age of Mythology for me and Photoshop. So I have something to look forward to during the holidays.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was raining and raining and raining the whole evening. Fortunately it ceased by the time I was hungry enough to go down and get a burger. So this was dinner again (I must stop this burger habit!!Even though it's fast and convenient) :-

Beef Double Special

Looks like it's sticking out a tongue at me right??
"Nyahhh...eat me if you can!!!"

Okay okay...I'll stop with the lameness. I think I'm gearing myself for a major exam stress meltdown. Argghhhhhhh..you know exam season is around the corner when emo statuses from ACCA students start popping up on your FaceBook wall. Okay okay...divert from stress topic. MSN games can be so fun and interactive. I learnt how to play Minesweepes (I finally met someone who knows how to play it after 20 years!!Thank you Ben!! ) and it trains your sense of logic.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Joyce vs Ben


(Of course I won't post up the ones where I lost lah..syok sendiri a bit!!)


4 squeaked:

the nat said...

i LOVE ramli burgers too! yum yum!

and for minesweepers, i can only play the 10 bombs one. anything more than that, i give up very quickly :P

Wai Jon ;D said...

Age of Mythology! Definitely something to look forward to if you like mythologies :).

JoYce said...

Somehow recently I've been craving the one at my college sidegate. Oh no!!!did they put EXTRA STUFF in there?? O.O!!
And i never thought minesweepes could be fun.haha!!

Yessshhh...i like mythologies!!! xD

kenwooi said...

oo ramluy burger.. yum yum =D

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