Thursday, 29 April 2010

Nine West Spring/Summer Collection Launch @ Pavillion, KL

Thanks to Pui San, I got an invite to the Nine West Spring/Summer Collection Launch in Pavillion from Female Magazine. So, thank you thank you both.

We were told to arrive early; about 3 according to the girl who called us up to confirm our attendance, but upon arrival did we find out it actually begins at 4 p.m. So we walked around and had some lunch while waiting. Made good use of my camera while waiting too:-

Me..waiting patiently.

Pui San

We were among the first in line when they opened the registration corner. They had closed the store for the launch party and we could glimpse some of the models walking around while we waited in line.
The Nine West store in Pavillion

Finally it was our turn at the registration table:-

The Spring/Summer Collection Launch was also in conjunction with Nine West's 15th anniversary in Malaysia, therefore, we were given the special offer; as VIP guests, to purchase any normal priced item in the store and then we would be entitled to buy a second pair of shoes at RM15. Coolness. So while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive, we took a look around the interior of the store. Stocked with their latest collection:

Filled with the guests.

Some of the drool-worthy stuff I was EYE-ing:-

In order to quell the urge to grab up those items and run, I took a seat and sipped on the drinks that were being served.
Sparkling water with lemon
I spent my time observing the other guests milling around the store. The woman next to me brought her daughter along and took up two seats to let her daughter NAP on. Not a very nice sight actually:-
Finally about 4:30 p.m. the host announced the official start of the Nine West Spring/Summer Fashion Show. We were all told to clear the 'runway' and take seats. Those without seats were asked to find standing space either in or outside the store.

Fortunately, Pui San and I were already seated by then. So we had quite a close view of the four models who paraded Nine West's new collection before all the guests:-
(Lazy to upload so many pictures...make do with a collage)
Click on the picture to see the full size

After the fashion show was over, there was a quiz session where the guests were given questions and whoever was chosen to answer stood to win one of the 15 Nine West merchandises that was up for grabs. I was quite excited about that part because I did know the answers to some questions but unfortunately I was not chosen to give my answers. =/

When the quiz session was over, guests were entreated to help themselves to the food being served by the waiters walking around and also to take advantage of the special offer which was given to us in the card. I think Nine West sales figures shot up because the ladies totally wiped up all the stuff on the shelves.
At first I looked and looked (and drooled and drooled) but decided not to get anything since I'd quite recently acquired a new handbag and shoes. So I waited while Pui San chose her stuff (she was in LOVE with this bright pink handbag) and sat near the entrance in order not to be in anyone's way while they tried on their stuff. The waiters were very friendly and kept coming up to me and offering me their trays with yummy hors d'oeuvres :-

Cheese with cherry tomatoes and basil

Salmon with hot mustard

Fruit custards

What I'd thought was espresso...

but was actually a very very delectable tiramisu...

Pui San had some trouble with her Visa card but in the end, she finally got to be the proud owner of a new Nine West handbag and a pair of sandals. Both of which she paid RM 315 for. "It's a steal!!!" she said. Haha!!! Even I could feel her shopping joy:-

We left after she had got her stuff since there was nothing much to do anymore. It was raining heavily at the time but we managed to make it back to Subang in good time for Pui San to collect her stuff and me to cell. Alright I have to put that in another post. That's it for now. :)

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Kevin said...

hahah! aw. i'm sorry you weren't picked. there was too many hands!!


JoYce said...

LOL. Thanks for dropping by. :)

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