Saturday, 17 April 2010

My first ever PAINTBALL tourney @ Monash Extreme Sports Carnival

Today was my first time ever playing paintball!!Image Hosted by I've always wanted to play paintball and perked up when Carina offered me the opportunity; by asking me to join her team for the Paintball Tournament in the Monash Extreme Sports Carnival. I only had to pay a joining fee of RM24 and joined a team of 5.

So this morning I woke up nice and early (6:40 a.m), it's been quite awhile that I woke up before the sunrise and it's quite nice to smell the morning cold air smell. Haha!! Never mind if you don't know what I'm talking about. I met up with Carina at Sun-U Residence and we both walked to Monash together.
Jee Kit drove past me while I was waiting at Sun-U with his carload of people, and they stopped to say hi before they headed off for our W31 CG Picnic at Lake Gardens WITHOUT ME.Image Hosted by For a moment I really wanted to ask Jee Kit to squeeze me in too!!I wish I could have joined you guys at Lake Gardens!!!!!

Anyway, Carina and I met up with our team in the Monash field. I actually met the other team members for the first time YESTERDAY. So here are my awesome team members:

Team Lucky Star!!
Carol, Richard,Carina and Jason!!

All amateurs playing paintball for first time. We went to register and were given forms to sign (they basically say : "I won't hold anyone responsible if I die during the paintball match) and were given a short briefing from a member of the Malaysian Paintball Referee Organisation (MPRO). Learned some basic stuff on rules and regulations. Even infamous cheating tactics. Quite informative. Then all 15 teams were told to go to the paintball battle area:-

15 teams. And majority (like 80%) were GUYS. There was absolutely NO all-girls team and our team were one of the few with more girls than guys. I amused myself looking at the team name list while waiting for our turn:-

(click to read all names and tell me which is the most funny??)
My personal favourite is the "Coconuts WTF LOL" The organiser kept shouting, "Coconuts W-T-F!!" and then gradually shortened to, "COCONUTS!!!" We all laughed like crazy and it helped lighten my mood because I was REALLY FEELING NERVOUS!!! We were the 4th team to compete and we observed the earlier teams before we were told to put on our gear:-

Face masks

Markers (NOT guns)

This is what a paintball looks like!!!

Our matches were all speedball matches. We played 4 matches against four different teams to collect as many points as possible. We did not make it through to the next stage, there were some real pros playing there. Despite some malfunctioning markers and some temperamental referees, we had a lot of fun!!! It was a really really good experience!!! We lasted longer each round and I really enjoyed the adrenaline rush I got from the matches. These was us before the last match:-

(arghh..pity no full group picture)

Yours truly in paintball gear:-

After everything was over, I checked out the rest of the Carnival games available. Was tempted to try the rock climbing but I did not as I was too tired and sore...Pictures for my readers:-

Rock Climbing

Err...what's this??

(Looks like human hamster ball!!)

Syok-ness. My clothes were super drenched with sweat and I could feel my whole body as if it was 'flushed' and hot. Paintball is good exercise!!! Comes with a price though...I was warned beforehand by several people of the BRUISES I would get. Well, when I got back to my room and showered, I felt my person carefully and counted my bruises. I have more than I thought I had. =.= Ahh..since I have them. I shall proudly show you one of my 'souvenirs' from my first ever paintball tourney:-

(It looks even more ugly in real life now)

Who's up for next round???!!! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

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jfook said...

Never played paint ball before. it looks fun btw.

JoYce said...

Hi jfook! It was really fun. Was my first time. u shud go try too!!! :D

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