Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Stories from Klang

I'm spending a few days in Klang since I have no classes for time being. To those who have been text-ing me about my whereabouts..I have not been kidnapped/runaway/disappeared/gone into seclusion/turned into a hermit/lost my phone or whatever else your active imagination cooked up. I did not reply because my credit expired and I still have not reload. Sorry people!!Image Hosted by

So since it's Sunday morning, I went for church service in Klang Wesley Methodist. The speaker today was interesting and I was alert throughout the whole sermon. Another plus was the air-conditioning was not FREEZING me.Image Hosted by Anyway, when service was over, Yoong and I went to have breakfast at the mamak's. We'd originally wanted nasi lemak but they told us they had run out (HUH??What kind of mamak runs out of NASI LEMAK??!!) Well, we settled for roti telur instead and shared a piece of fried chicken :-

Roti Telur

Iced Neslo(hers) and Iced Coffee(mine)
Whilst we were eating, this little kitty fell in love with Yoong and lay at her feet the whole time. She even posed for me to take shots. Haha!! :-

The weather was SUPER HOT today!!!I could feel myself perspiring the whole day. Even after showering with cold water. Even when night fell I could still feel the oven-like heat lingering. Yoong switched on her room air-conditioning in the end and we felt a little better. Since my uncle wanted to go out for dinner, we all piled into the car and went to Chee Leong where this restaurant serves salted egg seafood which he likes:-

(click here to read my previous post about this place)

This restaurant is always FULL of people when I come. However, that's not a problem since the boss hired very efficient staff. They took our orders while we were standing and waiting for a table(we waited about 10 minutes) and when we sat down, the dishes arrived one by one like clockwork; unlike some places where the time gap between each dish leaves you feeling unsatisfied after eating. This time instead of the crab, my aunt ordered the prawns and some other dishes:
Prawns with Salted Egg (Ham Dan Har)

Japanese Tofu with Mixed Vegetables

Sweet and Sour Stir-fry Pork (Gu Lou Yoke)

Another specialiity dish from this place my cousins discovered is their cockles omelette. We call it O' Chien. The cockles which they use are the freshest I've ever seen served in any restaurant. It even beats a certain Thai food shop in Ipoh where I always loved their cockles :-
See the generous portion of cockles in the omelette:-
It was really good. The cockles practically burst in your mouth and you can savour the fresh seafood flavour. Mmmm...luckily my cousin bro insisted on us ordering this. My aunt had thought it would be too much. We were very stuffed but thoroughly satisfied. I love good food.Image Hosted by

Anyway, my line is alive and working again (thank you Ben and Adrian). Now I have forgotten who texted me since I cleared my inbox and I can't reply. Oops.Image Hosted by

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Dewi Batrishya said...

Damn! Those food looks Soooo Goood! XD

JoYce said...

it TASTED good too. :)

jfook said...

Prawns with salted eggs..yummm..

JoYce said...

Yes jfook.thats the wordd...yummm. xD

Adrian JY Chow said...

my my my.. i love gu lou yoke.. damn nice.. but not now ANYMORE coz i cant

JoYce said...

aduhai...Adrian JY make me guilty!!! O:

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