Friday, 30 April 2010

New Green Tea Taro Balls @ Snowflake

Ooohh...I have not been to Snowflake's in quite a while and they seem to be trying to increase the variety in their menu by introducing new desserts about every month or so?? At least that was what I observed. Anyway, I am a HUGE fan of Snowflake's Taro Balls which is abundant in their Cold Bestseller; so I was super excited when I saw them advertising their new Taro Ball : the Green Tea Taro Balls. Pui San and I HAD to try it. So we ordered one Green Tea along with our usual Cold Bestseller.

*Beep beep*
Time to collect our orders

Green Tea Taro Balls and Red Bean on Soya Ice

The original Taro Balls on the Cold Bestseller
Yum yum yum yum yum...Pui San and I shared both the desserts and it was really really GOOD!!! Thumbs up to Snowflakes!! The combination of the fragant green tea, sweet red bean and soy milk just makes you want to close your eyes and sigh in enjoyment. For those who find the Taro Balls a little too chewy for their taste, the red beans take the edge off the gummy feeling in your mouth.
So go give it a try the next time you're feeling the heat of the current weather and need a cold, sweet dessert to cool you down!! :)

3 squeaked:

ohmywtf said...

wow..looks really good...should try soon at pavillion :-)

Kyril said...

hahaha lets go together ahbook

JoYce said...

Hey ohmywtf. xD
Yeahh..go get a taste. It's really cooling.

Yes Kyril. Haha!!Set a date. :P

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