Sunday, 4 April 2010


Ben came and took me out for breakfast. Image Hosted by
He gave me the challenging task of choosing the venue; and we ended up going to Starbucks in SS15. Yup, original (not) much. But in my defense, this is probably the third time I have ever gone out for breakfast (and by breakfast I mean eating BEFORE 10a.m.) in Subang. Once was with Yee-Yee, Uncle Alex and the kids in Ming Tien and another time was a chee cheong fun place in I-don't-recall-where-but-it-was-good with Kar Ning and Sze Haw.

It's surprising how peaceful the SS15 area is when it is 9:30 in the morning. Nice atmosphere to savour our breakfast.Image Hosted by

Caramel Macchiato (mine) and Signature Hot Chocolate (his)

His and mine

Thanks Ben!!

Stayed there for a bit chatting and playing with his iPod. Halfway through, Pui San texted me and asked me whether I'd like to go for gym with her in CF. See how encouraging the people around me are on a healthy lifestyle?? Breakfast and then gym. Haha!!Image Hosted by

So after breakfast, I met up with Pui San for a productive 1 and half hour workout (felt so good after two weeks of idleness) followed by steam room (ahhh....) and walked around Pyramid a bit before heading back. Another nice thing was, it wasn't so madly crowded in Pyramid even though it was a Sunday. I guess it was because of Cheng Meng?? Bumped into Abel and Eugene while walking around.

And OH YEAH!!!!I got a wonderful surprise from my parents: THEY BOUGHT ME A NEW CAMERA!!!! My mum text-ed me to tell me "V jst bgt canon ixus 95 for u :)" and I couldn't stop grinning at my phone. Woohoo!!!Happiness max!!Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by


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