Thursday, 15 April 2010

One month ♥

Today was a 'day trip' to Bangsar, Ben's area. Image Hosted by
Since today was a milestone of sorts for us, we invited two happy people to come along with us, Pui San and Yoong.Image  Hosted by I was quite jittery about organising the pick-up points and timing (woe betide any latecomers; that was my day's motto) but thank goodness everything went quite smoothly and we were all safely piled into Ben's car and heading to Bangsar Village by 12 p.m.

Lunch was in Fish & Co. where Pui San I had wanted to go for quite sometime, but unfortunately there's not a branch in Subang area.

Me and Yoong!!!

Yoong and I had the New York Fish and Chips..

Yoong's Chocie Junkie

Ben and I ordered the alcoholic beverages there since they're quite cheap in Fish & Co. so he took the Lime Googie (has tequila) while I took the Passionade (has vodka)

I actually thought the alcohol content in the drinks were very very mild. More like a little splash in the drinks. But Ben's face turn red and gradually PURPLE after he finished his drink!! :-
Talk about low alcohol tolerance and efficient blood circulation!

It became the joke of the day and poor Ben had to endure the three of us (Pui San, Yoong and me) teasing him about drinking and driving plus life insurance and whatnot. All in good fun though.Image Hosted by

Picture with drunk boyfriend. Haha!!!

After lunch we walked around Bangsar Village to digest a little and then headed to Chocolate for drinks. Ben had actually promised to bring me there weeks ago so we finally set foot in there together. The four of us occupied the inner corner of the shop where there were cushioned seats and it was private enough for us to be as merry as we wanted. On the down side, it was quite hard to get the waiters' attention.

Miss Coco Frappe (Ben's) and Miss Coco Mocha Frappe(mine)

Yoong's Strawberry Fruit Frappe
Yoong demonstrating how much she's enjoying herself:-

Hot Fair Lady (Pui San's)
Pui San in action:-
We all shared the Chocolate Affair. Heavenly indulgence much....

Melted chocolate for dipping


Stayed in Chocolate for quite some time chattering and playing around with Ben's iPod. Yoong and Ben in action with Tap Tap Revenge 2 player mode:-
Then it was my turn:-

Since there was a Buy-2-free-1 promo going on we had two free drinks:

Princess of Iceland and Snow White Frappe
The Snow White Frappe came in useful during our "Truth or Dare" session where someone got a white mustache as a result of choosing "Dare". Haha!!! :-

We went to BSC after that for Pui San to buy her 'groceries'. While she was busy browsing the food section; Ben, Yoong and I roamed around and took pictures in the roller-blading area:-

And after our silly photo session we went back to find Pui San where she proudly showed us the SINGLE thing she bought after coming alllll the way and her browsing sooooo long in the food section : a small packet of chocolates (RM30). Speechless much.Image Hosted by

So marks end of Bangsar trip. We headed back to Subang, SS15 and played 3 rounds of pool in Cloud 9. Was more interesting this time since we were equally matched. Hehe..

After pool, we waited for Pui San while she chose DVDs in her regular supplier's shop and the headed to Jojo's for dinner. Was deciding between the Lat Jiu Pan Min and Century Egg Dumpling Pan Min :-


Took the Century Egg one in the end but kind of regretted because the soup was a little tasteless. Well, luckily I could steal Ben's soup which was more salty than mine. Dinner over, Ben dropped the other two at their respective locations; home for Pui San and KTM for Yoong; before sending me back. Great ending to a great day!!!

Wows..super long post this time. Glad I managed to finish it and post it up.

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Zenghoong said...

Hello :)

JoYce said...

^^ Heyyy!!!like the pictures???

Anonymous said...

the chocolate looks NICE.. yumm

kenwooi said...

nice outing.. and yummy food =D

JoYce said...

yes was YUMMY!!
go give them a try in Chocolate one day. Especially the Ms Coco Frappe. ^^

JoYce said...

thanks kenwooi. :)

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