Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cooked with HEART

Nope, sorry to disappoint but I did not set foot into the kitchen today. Instead, I'm about to show you something quite icky I found in my Sizzling Noodles today :-

a whole chicken heart
Wahh!!!I was suspicious of that chicken piece because the shape was somehow not right to me. I prodded it thinking it might be chicken lungs (lungs, kidneys, gizzard..I can accept) but when I saw it was a whole HEART, I think my eyebrows went wayyy up. Maybe to some people it might have been a treat, but to me..*shivers*

I'd like to take the opportunity here to thank my Mommy for her guidance in the kitchen where along the way I learned to identify the innards of the food I eat. This is the first time I ever found a whole HEART in my food. Of course when I eat Mommy's cooking I don't have to be wary of my meat, when eating's a different story.

So..check your food!!!

5 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

eww.. i think i better beware next time too! =/

JoYce said...

*nods seriously at kenwooi*


-£âñ¢ê£- said...

wow....eewww...i think i really need to open my eyes widely when i eat chicken nxt time...>.<

Mr Lonely said...

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JoYce said...

yes frances!!!thats a good resolution!!!

Hey Mr Lonely. Sure thing..thanks for dropping by. ;)

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