Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Desk job or battlefield??

Which do you think is easier?? Dealing with machines or people??
I've always thought each presents us with different challenges. And if I had a choice in my career in the future, I'd choose to deal more with people than machines because I really am not the type to spend the whole day at a desk, sorting out paperwork or hunched over a computer. I really hope I don't turn into a mere cubicle occupant.

*Shakes off morbid thoughts*
It was today's lecture topic in my Business Analysis class which got those thoughts rolling. We have entered into the heavy chapters on Human Resource Management and Information Technology. Added on to that was my Performance Management class dealing with current issues regarding corporations' performance measurements. I am faced with the classic 'too much info crammed into my head' feeling. Arghh...sometimes I wish I have a little USB port at the side of my head. So if there's important stuff that I must know, I can just put it all into a pen-drive and plug it in, transfer everything. Done. Wishful thinking much. Haha!!

Anyway, the heavy topics left me feeling so drained. But Pui San asked me to join her at the gym so I agreed to walk over right after class. And whilst I was halfway there, it started RAINING heavily. Goodness!!! My shoes were soaked, the bottom part of my pants were soaked, my bag was soaked. I was never so glad to walk into Sunway Pyramid. The rain also made me realise that it is time to retire my current umbrella. The poor thing has been through quite a lot of heavy use under my hands. This is the fate of an umbrella when it serves a car-less student in Subang who often walks or takes public transport to her destinations which exposes her to the unpredictable weather conditions these days. :P

I didn't get as much as I usually do out of my gym session as I usually do. Must be the aftermath of the morning's brain drain added with the fight through the rain to get to gym. However, the steam room made me feel more refreshed and I headed to Sushi Zanmai for dinner with Pui San.

My Chicken Katsudon

and eel and cucmber maki.

Pui San's Curry Udon Noodles

and avacado sushi.

Since we were there during a non-peak hour, the atmosphere was really relaxed and pleasant in Sushi Zanmai, unlike the usual tension and rush from the waiters during peak hours. Even the food was prepared more nicely. They even gave us bigger portions of rice and noodles in our orders. Note to self : in future, try to go during non-peak hours.

Thank goodness for no class tomorrow.
Time for brain regeneration in preparation for next lesson.
Can't believe it's mid-April ALREADY!!!! O.O!!!

2 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

yeah.. mid april edy.. so fast time passes by eh.. =)

JoYce said...

yea...and all too soon my exams will be upon me. :(

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