Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tony Roma's Lunch Sets

I finally visited Tony Roma's and gave their lunch sets a try. I've been eye-ing their lunch set menus and finally tried them out with Louisa, Pui San, Charis and Ben. Another reason why I was eager to go was also because I had RM20 worth of vouchers with me. Hehe..

Tony Roma's lunch sets start from RM16.90 onwards, and your selection of main course is inclusive of a bottomless drink and a Soup of the Day. Sounds like a pretty good deal?? It IS a good deal, if you compare the RM16.90 Tony Roma's lunch to lets say; Nando's, where RM16.90 gets you only a quarter chicken meal without any drink.

Trust me, I'm so not being paid to advertise Tony Roma's. I'm just a little tired of people going, " rich ah you, eat at Tony Roma's!!". And of course, good things are meant to be shared. Sharing the good deal info to all of you. Anyway, pictures for you all. I don't normally include prices in my posts, but I will do so to avoid any confusion over the pricing.

Salt and Pepper

Tony Roma's signature sauces

Complimentary bread with garlic butter spread

Soup of the Day
I would recommend going for their Potato Soup because
it has a very thick and creamy texture with flaky potato chunks in it. I loved it!!

Bottomless Ice Lemon Tea and Coke
They came in such HUGE glasses it wasn't really necessary to refill.

And now for the main courses...

Chicken Tenderloin Platter

The honey mustard dip that came with this was very nice. Couldn't get enough of it. Even after finishing the chicken, we were dipping our fries into it. Haha!!!

BBQ Chicken 1/4
The BBQ Chicken lived up to its name since the chicken had a very nice smoky flavour to it. The meat was tender and not too dry. Very yummy.

Buffalo Sandwich
I've always been used to tasting the sauce on starters; e.g: the boneless buffalo wings in TGIF's. So it was quite different to taste it on a main course. Nice and interesting.

Big Stack Burger
I have an obsession with photographing burgers...
The patty was very juicy and tender. The bacon that came with it gave an extra kick to the flavour. Mmm... It may seem weird to some for us to order burgers in dining places like Tony Roma's but the difference between burgers here and McDonald's is the patty quality. Try it sometime and you'll appreciate what I mean.

Okay, I have come to the end of my food review. If your stomach is growling, that's a sign. Go try the lunch set!!! =P

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Hilda Milda™ said...

wow definitely good food I tell you! Loving tony roma's buffalo wings!

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