Friday, 30 July 2010

Chefs at Home

Just a short one on some home made meals I have shared with friends recently. (I knowww I am behind in updates. Doing my best. Hehe!!) Anyway, here goes.

VEMAL proposed to be the chef during our previous makan together, so he went back to Ipoh to consult his guru/mother and came back with three boxes full of fragrant home-cooked BRIYANI RICE. Abel and I helped make a salad before the meal. Took a surprisingly short time and we had a very awesome dinner together; Vemal, Abel, Emily, Joshua and I.

Nasi Briyani (cap Vemal)

Dahl (cap Jafaar..Haha!!!)

Cucumber and Apple Salad

My dinner
Yum yumm...

The Chef

Image Hosted by Aside from enjoying a home-cooked meal, I got to eat a group cooked meal too a.k.a STEAMBOAT. It was a CG outing and Xian Yang opened his house for us once again. Thanks for your family's awesome hospitality Xian Yang!!!! Pictures of steamboat that night.

All ready for us to boil boil boil!!!!
Table full of yummies waiting for our tummies. :D

Jee Kit pouring in the chicken soup

Balls + tofu + fishcake + egg + mushroom + veggies + noodles +
pork + chicken + crabsticks + sausages + chicken soup + fried garlic


Awesome company



Image Hosted by

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