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Canton Fare : Dim Sum Brunch with Family

2010 marks the second year since my maternal grandmother, Por Por left us. To remember her, the whole family gathered to pay a visit to her grave site and later had a family meal together. This visit, my cousin Benjamin read some Bible verses in Chinese before we prayed as a family before we left.

I have no doubt, had she been alive; Por Por would have been very proud and pleased to hear your reading, Ben. You're her first grandchild, among us, who is literate in Chinese. I'm proud of you too. :)

(random picture of a unique plant Yoong and I saw in the graveyard)

After the visit, we went back to freshened up and met up in my Yee-Yee's place before heading to Solaris, Mont Kiara for lunch. Yee-Yee was taking us to Canton Fare. We've been there seperately before on a few occasions but that was the first time all of us went there together. To read about my last visit, click here.
There is another branch in Damansara Heights but I've never been there before. Upon arrival, we were ushered upstairs where the whole place was booked for us, haha!! Since there were no other patrons around, my Mum and aunts started posing around and I quite enjoyed my time watching them pose and helping them snap. (Sorry for taking so long to upload photos but do look out for them in FB alright??) As usual I aimed my camera at the dining table too.

Canton Fare is currently having a dim sum promotion. If you're a fan of these yummy bites of heaven, do go give Canton Fare dim sum a try. Here's pictures of the assorted dim sum we started of with :-

Then we had some soup before the main courses arrived. Yoong and I shared the winter melon with pork ribs soup:-
Then the PEKING DUCK was served!!! I love how they make somewhat of a ritual of it.Image Hosted by First they will set up a little side table next to your dining table.

Peking Duck

You get to 'Ooohh' and 'Ahhh' at the juicy roast duck lying there waiting to be carved.

Then you observe while the waiter carves
the juicy, crunchy skin off the duck with expert skill

And the skin is served on the table with wraps and vegetables...
..for you to eat popiah style!!!

And the rest of the meat is served as part of the main courses. No waste, of course!!

Uncle Alex had brought along wine to complement all the meat we were consuming. And since now the table consists of 'kids above 18', Yoong and I also got a wineglass each. Yay-ness!!


Personally liked the white wine more.Image Hosted by
Of course the duck was not the only thing on the table. Besides that, we also had Canton Fare's much celebrated Roasted Porks; Char Siew and Siew Yoke

Nice siew yoke with crispy skin

Their char siew is totally succulent..can't get enough of it!!


Fried Seafood Noodles

Steamed Fish with Special Soy Sauce

Stir Fried Chicken

The staff there were very accommodating and put up with me snapping pictures here and there. This waitress even arranged the fish back nicely for my photo since she cut it before I snapped it. =P
Needless to say, we were all full to bursting by the time all the main courses were served. The 'adults' all declined dessert but we (the 'kids') still had room for the Mango Pudding. Yoong was especially looking forward to this one. Haha!!!
Mango Pudding's taken me days to sort through and upload these pictures. I made myself hungry a few times while arranging the pictures here. =.= Anyway, a few random pictures before I end this post!!!

The sisters (not including the little one of course. =P )

And Ben, I'm so glad you're still not too old and macho to let me take these pictures of you!!!

Image Hosted by

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