Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tony's Sampler @ Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid

Well, I'm back in Subang again. I have unpacked and restored order to my side of the room (got rid of a whole bunch of papers and random leaflets I somehow accumulated in my room), sorted out my new timetable and fees and basically settled down again. It's another new semester..I wonder what it will bring.

Pui San is currently on HER semester break (I wish I still was too!!) and she called me to meet her for dinner in Sunway Pyramid after her return from her shopping spree in Bukit Bintang. I went early to collect my trial contact lenses in England Optical but they didn't have stock (boo!!) so I just waited for Pui San to appear. When she did, she announced that she was starved and must have her dinner immediately. Haha!!

After some discussion (with Pui San crossing off Japanese food. =[ ) we ended up in Tony Roma's. I think the last time I came here was AGES ago and I don't really remember it.

We were ushered to a table and given menus. While flipping, we tucked into their yummy warm bread with garlic butter:-

Complimentary white loaf with garlic butter
I think I have a penchant for starters. Must be something to do with the fact the starters are huge enough to be a meal (even same price as some main courses) and comes with dips (I love dips!). Well, because the both of us couldn't agree on which starter to order we ordered the Tony's Sampler so that we get to try everything:-

Tony's Sampler

Me with our FOOOOD!!!

The Tony's Sampler consists of Tony Roma's other Starters which you can order on their own:-

Half Onion Loaf

Buffalo Wings and Roasted Potato Skins
Mmm..all the stuff above was totally delicious. We had meant to order a main course after the starters but by the time we finished everything on that huge plate, both Pui San and I were too full to think of more food. Phew.. I was eye-ing the ribs which the next table called. Getting ideas. Hehe..

Oooh...I found a cutely shaped buffalo wing on the plate. See:-
(No, I didn't keep it. I ate it and digested it)

Fullness to the maximum. We walked around a bit for some groceries before heading home. And Pui San gave me a cupcake from Bisou to take back. Originally meant for 'dessert' but we were too stuffed. =P


11 squeaked:

jfook said...

You make me hungry in the middle of the night. :((

TOLANIC said...

Few months didn’t eat steak at Tony Roma. Planning to eat there last night but end up went to Victoria Station.

JoYce said...

Oops..sowee..but I get hungry at your blog too. :P Fair's fair.

Ooohh...i wanna go Victoria Station!! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

I cant finish the food there, too big portion!

JoYce said...

Yea..that's why I always share with my friends. :P

kenwooi said...

i dined at tony roma's once only.. great food, great experience! =)

JoYce said...

hi kenwooi!!
well, it's only my third time in Tony Roma's. But yea..like u said, it was great. :) Next time come down to KL makan??? :D

suhaisweet said...

Visiting here in ur cool blog...nice..This is 'special'for u friend. Don’t Miss it!

TOLANIC said...

@Hilda: Cannot finish arr? Come share with me.

@Joyce: Fuahh, Victoria Station is more formal! =)

YuhJiun said...

I dined there once too.
nice food & environment :D
too bad, for me the proportion is too big

JoYce said...

thanks for dropping by. :)

Hehe..lets all go there in black tie. :D

The portion is too big for me too.that's why i share. Hehe...

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