Monday, 12 July 2010

With My Ipoh Accountants @ Vietnam Kitchen & Delicious

As promised in my previous post, I will report on my meet up with my beloved happy bunch of Ipoh-ian friends. Shalz was in town (on company assignment from JB) and she wanted to meet up with all of us Ipoh who are currently located in KL (for work or studies). Since I have not seen Shalz in the LONGEST time (since CNY!!!)

Since it was a weekend with all the CRAZY trafic, I waited with Abel and Vemal for the rest to park an make an appearance. Surprise surprise for me. TWO people I weren't expecting turned up.

Jian Yao came down all the way from Ipoh

And Saaaaaaasi turned up after work
(I hope I shall also lose weight like you when I start working Sasi!!)

At first we wanted to eat at the food court but when Shalz arrived, she suggested Little Vietnam. So we all headed there.

Vemal posing for the camera!!!
I was still full from TGIF's earlier so I decided not to eat and wait for dessert since they said we were going to have dessert later. But I did drink since we ordered a jug of Grapefruit Lemonade to share.
Grapefruit Lemonade
It tasted slightly weird. A little on the bitter side and no grapefruit.

I took pictures of the others' food when it arrived. Hehe.. I have such supportive friends who let me snap at their food before they eat. They were suggesting I get a DSLR and teasing me about my blog as usual (E.g. :"I cannot go to your blog when I'm hungry!!!").

Sasi and Vemal's Rice with Chicken Curry
I stole a bite. The curry was so-so only. Indian curry definitely beats this!!

Abel's Minced Chicken Noodle
The chicken wasn't minced. Just shredded.Image Hosted by
Interesting thing was they gave quail's egg with the noodles.
Well, Abel said it was good. So I took his word for it.

Jian Yao's Rice with Beef Stew

When the bill came, Sasi suddenly quietly pulled out his wallet, paid and said it was on him. OMG I should have ordered something then!!!Image Hosted by Nah, just kidding. Anyway, thanks for the drink Sasi!!!

The bill

Came with a little card thingy to collect points too.
Next, DESSERT!!!!! I was feeling excited by then..I LOVE desserts!!! They gave me the task of choosing our dessert venue so I brought them to Delicious. By the way, if you're wondering about the title, all of us in the group are ACCA students or graduates, with Shalz and Sasi already working in accountancy firms. Thus, my accountants.Image Hosted by

Delicious was packed with diners so we had to wait a bit for a table. Joshua joined us after his dinner. So, group pictures!!!

Vemal and Josh doing male bonding.
(If I'm not mistaken they were talking about muscle building.)

The guys

We got a table after about 15 miuntes wait. We were getting some attention because we were a merry bunch and chattering non-stop. =P

The interior decor
The others were flipping through the menu and couldn't decide on what to have. So they gave ME the task of ordering four desserts to share (they were all for five desserts but I beat that down and told them to try four first).

Josh's Black Forest

At first I'd wanted to order the Apple Pie, Macademia Cheesecake or the Apple Crumble Pie but they were sold out. So in the end, these were my four choices:
Classic Chocolate Cake

Mango Cheesecake

Lemon Meringue Pie

Strawberry Chocolate Pavlova
The desserts were good and the others were Mmm-ing and declaring their favourites among the four. So my choices were a success (Phew!!).Image Hosted by And we were all SO STUFFED after we finished. Thank goodness we didn't order five!! Another surprise, when the bill came, Shalz grabbed it, paid and ordered us all to put away our wallets and purses. Awesome-ness.


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