Friday, 9 July 2010

Predators + Kitchen Date with Ben

Fridays are our days; since we're both free on that day to spend time with each other.Image Hosted by

I'd decided to cook lunch for the both of us, so Ben came and picked me up and we headed to Pyramid for ingredients (last minute, so nothing was in the kitchen). Since we were already there, Ben wanted to catch a movie. At first we wanted Despicable Me but since the movie timings weren't to our liking we crossed it off for time being, Twilight:Eclipse was totally slashed off (no way I'm paying money to watch THAT. Anti Kirsten Stewart as Bella) so in the end, we got tickets for Predators.
The movie was kinda pointless. Not much suspense and you just sit there watching people get killed. Not much story there either. Boring. Can you imagine, I don't really like watching violent scenes and I called Predators boring. Save your money, people and go watch something else. But not Twilight OKAY!!! (See how anti I am??)

Anyway, after the movie left we got what we needed from Jusco and headed back to cook lunch together. I like to cook; and I like cooking for him, but I love it when we're cooking together.Image Hosted by It's fun too because I get to be amused watching him do the stuff I let him handle, since he doesn't help in his kitchen at home. Besides acting as my sous chef, he also acts as my photographer and snaps snaps snaps while I prepare the stuff. So the following pictures are from Ben's blog because I didn't do any snapping. So this was lunch after about an hour in the kitchen together:

(Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCredits to my dear for preparing these two):

Garlic Bread
(because I didn't have an oven it kinda failed)

Mashed Potatoes

While he took care of the garlic bread and mash, I managed to serve these up:-

Lemon Garlic Chicken Breasts


Our lunch

~The simplest of things can turn out
to be the most treasured when shared with the one you love~

3 squeaked:

Anna Wong said...

suggestion: u can just pan-fry d garlic bread on d multi cooker instead of using d sandwich maker :)

KIDbrush® said...

u know, i just had mu supper, now i'm starving again!!

KiD ;P aiyaaa laparr ooooo

JoYce said...

Hehe..yes boss, next time will try. :D

Oops..haha..time to get supper #2?? :P

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