Friday, 23 July 2010

With My Girls

Charis is once again back from Russia and I finally met up with her in KL!!!THRICE!!! And with Soon Ying; twice, nevertheless. This is like the first time since 2007 that the three of us met up together. Gives me nostalgia over the old days in high school.Image Hosted by Yay-ness!!!I finally got a picture of the three of us!!!
Charis was really excited to meet Ben, so I asked my dearest to come along for the meet up with my girls. We'd agreed on lunch at MidValley and I was in charge of lunch venue, so I decided on Chilli's since it's been the longest time since I was there. Ben and I were there early so we decided to get a place in Chilli's first so that when the others arrive, we won't have to queue up in the lunch hour queue. So the both of us asked for a four person table and ordered drinks and chips to pass the time while waiting.

Bottomless Mango Juice and Coke

Bottomless Tostada Chips
Little did we guess that we would end up refilling that Tostada Chips FOUR TIMES; due to the late arrival of the VIPs. We'd thought to wait for the rest to arrive before ordering the main courses. By the time Soon Ying and Charis with her brother, David arrived, Ben and I were rather filled with chips and tostada dip. So we decided to share one main course and even THEN had a hard time finishing it.
Our Burger Bites (Medium Rare)
Was a little on the dry side since they cooked it longer than I'd wanted. Still good though.

Soon Ying and David's Monterey Chicken
The mash that came with it was to die for!!! OMG!!!

Charis's Chicken Club Tacos
Was a GIGANTIC plate. I'd never dare to try take on that plate alone.

We were all so bloated after eating that we had to force ourselves to get up and walk around before we all fell asleep at the table like snakes after a meal. Haha!!! Hung out at The Garden's Club for a short while, gossiping and chatting before I had to leave with Ben to collect his free netbook from TM. We were both soooo stuffed from Chilli's that we even had to share dinner too.

Our dinner
My camera ran out of battery so I don't have any pictures from my subsequent two meet ups with Charis. Sadness...My camera has become integrated into me already; and I felt so vulnerable being unable to take pictures during those outings. But enjoyed myself though. Waiting for Soon Ying and Charis to upload the pictures from their cameras so that I can snitch them and post them up. Meanwhile, I love you girls!!! And I'm so happy you both got to meet Ben.Image Hosted by

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