Monday, 12 July 2010

Louisa's Pre-Surgery at Bubba Gump & TGIF

I met up with Louisa for dinner the other day; and it was when I saw her she casually told me that she was going for surgery. My reaction : WHAT??!!!Image Hosted by
She patted me on the back and explained that it was just a simple 30 minute procedure for her back problem, that she was going back to Ipoh for it and so on so on...I kind of lost track because I was kind of still open-mouthed, disbelieved and stunned at the sudden announcement and how casually she was telling me.Image Hosted by She could have been announcing that she was going to Bali for the weekend of something.

Anyway, she steered me towards Bubba Gump for dinner while I was asking her questions and details. She was all,"You have to eat something nice with me before I go under the knife, Joyce!!" (I think she was rather enjoying my reaction.Image Hosted by It was my first time at Bubba Gump, so it was pretty interesting checking out the decor, since the whole theme pays homage to the movie 'Forrest Gump'.

The wall decor

Shrimp bucket for the sauce and
Forrest Gump's ping pong racket as the promo menu

One amusing thing in Bubba Gump's is the way you get the waiters or waitresses' attention. On every table, there are these signs:-
If you want the waiter to come to your table, just flip the sign...
And they'll literally screech to a stop and ask if they can help you.

Cool.Image Hosted by

I flipped it to take pictures and a waitress came and asked me if I wanted anything. Louisa explained that I was just taking a picture but she still didn't leave until I flipped back the sign. Good service, I say. The ambiance was cosy and homey but a little too dimly lit for me to take nice pictures of the food. So I did my best.

Peach Love, Rock 'N Roll
It has booze in it but we didn't get much of a kick from it.

Onion Rings
I love how they stacked them up like a tower.
Couldn't resist posing with it.
(No, that was not me with my specs.)


My Crazy Cajun Chicken
Proof of how stunned I was, I ordered poultry in a SEAFOOD diner.Image Hosted by
But it was good though.

Louisa's Bourbon Street Bass with Catch of the Day
Was quite yummy and the mash was good.

Nice dinner. I think the next time, I'll recruit a group to go together and share the Shrimp in a Bucket. Image Hosted by Plans formulating in my head. Who's up for it??

Louisa still wanted dessert so I decided to indulge her whim and we headed to TGIF. I let her do the ordering and she ordered our customary desserts:-

Snickers Treat

Mocha Mudpie
Those two totally confirmed my opinion that Sunway Pyramid's TGIF is the best when it comes to the food quality that they serve. The Mocha Mudpie was exactly as I remembered it, unlike the one in The Curve which didn't live up to my expectations. Long live TGIF's Sunway Pyramid!!!

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