Thursday, 8 July 2010

Impromptu Steamboat

I love my friends. Haha!! They're awesome. Seriously.Image Hosted by Read on to find out why.
The other day, I was having lunch with Abel, Vemal and Emily after a very brain draining first P2- Corporate Reporting class. It was raining and we (me, Abel and Emily) were reminiscing about the time it rained super heavily and we ended up randomly having steamboat that night (click here to read). And from there, someone exclaimed, "Come lah, tonight we steamboat!!" and before I knew it, everything was planned and settled.

Abel had class, Vemal had gym; so he walked with me to Pyramid to meet Emily (whose dad dropped her there) and Emily and I went to Jusco to buy all the steamboat stuff while Vemal worked out. He had additional workout carrying all out stuff back to the apartment. Haha!! I got out my multi-cooker and we spent about half an hour washing and chopping; and then...ready for steamboat!!!!!

Ta Da!!!

We got lots of vegetables because they are good for health and yummy in steamboat.

Cabbage and asparagus

Dory fish meat

More veggies, egg tofu and fishballs

Inouki Mushrooms
(My personal favourite!!)

This is Emily..
Not wise to steal her food. Hehe.

Me and Abel

demonstrating the correct way to open Ruski.

And this is Chia Ching
Emily's friend who so sportingly joined us at the last minute.

Oh, you must be eye-ing and wondering how Ruski came into the picture. Well, since we didn't have time for me to prepare proper soup and no Maggi Cubes, we boiled the noodles, put half the paste into the boiled noodles.

And we had gon lou Ruski

And the rest of the paste, we poured into the multi-cooker and made soup for steamboat!! See our tom yam soup:

Woohoo..throw everything in boil boil boil...

And we get a pot full of goodies

My first bowl
And I had another like 3 bowls after that. Was super full after that. After the guys did all the washing (thanks guys!!) we sat around and chatted and chatted and chatted. The others ended up planning to go out to watch the Spain vs Germany match later that night while I decided to stay in. Not a football fan. =P They left with thanks all around and asking when is our next makan, with Vemal promising to be the chef next round. Hehe..

Now see why I love my friends??

13 squeaked:

k0k s3n w4i said...

the best thing in lives are impromptu steamboats, impromptu barbecues, and impromptu potlucks! :D ah, all centred around food -.-

Hilda Milda™ said...

Damn random ;p I like the thought of that too hehe

JoYce said...

@kok sen wai
LOL...FOOD brings people together. :P

@Hilda Milda
Yea...really random. Haha. But it was a success. :)

Black Jeopardy said...

Respect! Food is the heart of true malaysian culture!

JoYce said...

@Black Jeopardy
Amen to that!! :D

Janice said...

wow i love steamboat very much! xD

Jaerragus said...

Haha... what a spontaneous stuff... and the kon lou Ruski looks good

JoYce said...

Organise one then.'s fun!! :D

Yea!!the Ruski was awesome. ^^

ken said...

steamboat is always fun.. and filling =)

JoYce said...

yes...and sweaty if you eat in a restaurant. LOL. xD

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
Oh my..!! Here come my crave for steamboat..!!!
Thanks for your nanged..
Nanged back and clicked on ur adv as well. ^^

TOLANIC said...

You dip it with what sauce?

JoYce said...

Hi!!thanks!! :)

Sauce??if u mean out steamboat stuff...we had kg koh chilli sauce. ^^

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