Thursday, 15 July 2010

Nuffnang Screening : Inception

Ben won tickets from Nuffnang for the Premier Screening of Inception. I was happy and amused at his excitement at succeeding at winning a blog post contest from Nuffnang. Anyway, he came to pick me up after my P2-Corporate Reporting class (it was HEAVY!!! I was so glad to escape finish.) and we hung around his home and had dinner (cooked by his grandma) before heading to MidValley since the screening was at GSC MidValley.

As customary, we were there early to line up and collect the tickets. However, the entrance to the movie theaters of GSC that day was unrecognisable. There were other booths there besides Nuffnang's which were also set up for people to collect tickets which they won for Inception. There was this BATTALION of people pushing and shoving each other desperately at one booth waving newspaper cuttings. I guess there were limited number of tickets for those who came with the newspaper cutting. It was not a pleasant sight though. Havoc was the word. And it rather saddened and made me ashamed at such a display of incivility from my fellow Malaysians. I know free tickets were up for grabs, but such behaviour just for a pair of free tickets??

Thank goodness Nuffnang-ers were a civilised lot and we waited patiently for the booth to open. However, there was a little doubt whether we were at the right booth due to the sign which was next to it:-

NUFNAG. . . .? ? ?

Haha!! Misspelling from the person who wrote the sign. We collected these:-
There was still time before the movie and Ben wanted to bring me to dessert. So we decided to go to Paddington's. At first we'd thought to order ala carte; but out of whim I asked if their tea set was still available since the sign says "3:00 p.m. onwards". It was past 8:30 p.m. that time.

Surprise surprise. It was still available!! So we ordered two sets.

My 'Pot-of-Gold'

His 'Chocolate andBanana filled Mini Pancakes with Ice-cream'

I still think that among all the choices, Pot-of-Gold is still the most worth it. Yummy and filling.Image Hosted by Anyway, let me show you what he did with my flat white:-


My sweet sweet boyfriend.Image Hosted by I tried to fiddle with it too at first but he shoo-ed my fingers away with the fork. Haha!! Picture with him meanwhile:-
After we finished our food, we headed back up to the cinema for our movie.
Inception is definitely not a movie where you go into the cinema, set your brain on 'power save' mode, lean back and look at the screen. Watching Inception needs a concentration to details, a little memory power and some thinking. The plot was excellent and the cast delivered a very good performance. I LOVED the movie. It got me rather confused at first but slowly as the story unfolded, it got more and more interesting and exciting. It was action-packed, with some really intense scenes, excellent graphics and humour inserted at just the right times. Even with all those, it didn't lack emotion. The ending left many people wondering and debating over it ,me and Ben included. We were talking about it long after we left the cinema, while he was sending me back. An excellent movie. Very worth watching. Do go watch it if you're tired of movies which capitalise mainly on the actors and actress's looks but lack a solid plot.

A standing ovation to Inception!!! Image Hosted by

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Lainey said...

Joyce I watched Inception after work tonight and I LOVED it as well. Exactly as you described. I was actually near chewing the tips of my fingers. Anticipation, etc. lol too 'kan cheong'. haha

anyway!!! i found myself nicely surprised at my new discovery. hehehe ;) i didn't know you were seeing someone but now that i do, aww nice work joyce!!!! haha :P

hope all's well!!!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post,... like this blog!

JoYce said...

Lainey!!Inception was AWESOME wasn't it??You know..I actually watched it TWICE. :P

Omg...I thought u knew??!! thanks Lainey!!I'm very very busy and happy at the moment so yea..everything's good. :D

hope you're too as well!!

JoYce said...

@Jesson and Rey Ann
Thank you!!! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

awwww, so sweet! now im hungry after looking at yr pot of gold!

JoYce said...

@Hilda Milda
LOL...thanks. You can get your pot of gold too. Share with your bf. :P

ken said...

im gonna watch soon! =D

JoYce said...

enjoy!!! :D

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