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Joshua's Turning Legal Day

(this is such an overdue post. Oops!!)

10th July 2010
The day my (not so) little brother, Joshua turned 18 years old!!!! Yoong, Khai Meng and I decided to bring the birthday boy out to celebrate and have our cousins time together. So we headed to MidValley and settled ourselves in TGIF's.
It's been quite a while since the four of us met up without the grown-ups (parents). We were chattering non-stop and debating over what to order. Since the 2 Course Meal was not available on weekends, they left the ordering up to me. So after the waiter left, I took out my camera and we all started snap snap snapping with it while waiting for our food.Image Hosted by

Josh and Khai Meng typical of BOYS trying to look all macho in pictures.
Yoong and I made them show some love for the pictures.

(Image  Hosted by ImageShack.usthe best they could do..okay lah)

Yoong and me

Then our FOOD came!!! As usual couldn't decide on which starter so came the Three-For-All which consists of three of their starters (pity didn't include the fried mac and cheese...I love that!!).

TGIF's 3-For-All

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Potato Jackets
These were okay but Tony Roma's does this better than TGIF

Buffalo Wings
By the way, these are way better than the Boneless Buffalo Wings
that come in the 2 course meal.

Since the main courses didn't come immediately after we finished, more random pictures:


Us trying to be cute
lala much..haha!!

Khai Meng demo-ing another wannabe cute pose

A toast with sky juice!!

Then the main courses came!!! I'd ordered two for us to share first and wait till we finish them only decide whether to order more since the portions in TGIF are so HUGE. Yummy yummy..

Tuscan Chicken Melt

Beef Bacon Cheeseburger

We told the waiter there that it was Joshua's birthday. And true to TGIF's style, they rounded up a bunch of waiters who came and gathered around the table, proclaiming "There's a birthday in the house!!!". They made him do a few silly stuff (drink chilli sauce and serenade Yoong) before bringing out a slice of cake with a candle. But of course, he had to work for it:-

Chocolate Cake
He had to blow the candle out from where he was standing,
about 1.5 metres away. Haha!!!

He actually succeeded so he got to eat his birthday cake

Josh sniffing because he was only 'one years old' according to the cake

(My goodness, I just realised all the pictures I posted up of him are of funny funny poses. My fault because I made him pose for me. =P )

Us tucking into the cake
Needless to say, we were SUPER STUFFED. SO forget about ordering another main course..we could barely finish that one slice of cake. We paid the bill and then walked around MidValley to get his presents since he wanted elbow and wrist supports as his present (my brother the gym freak). Towards evening, Yee-Yee appeared with Rachel in tow to meet up with us and also to celebrate for Josh too.

She also wanted to get Josh a present, so we went to MPH where Josh chose a book. Haha!! My Yee always says that it's hard to choose presents for us (referring to Yoong, Josh, Khai Meng and I) since we're all grown up and Barbie dolls and toy cars aren't out thing anymore; so BOOKS are the best bet.
Yee-Yee and Rachel with Josh
(Rachel just got a new book and she's INTO it)

I also got something from my awesome Yee-Yee!! She got me my Starbucks Tumbler!!!I've been wanting a tumbler to carry my coffee to class (my current one leaks a little) and the Starbucks ones are so cute!!! So I finally got one and now I can sip my coffee in class instead of gulping it down and potentially scalding my throat before my 8 a.m. classes. THANK YOU YEE YEE!!!

After she got us our stuff, I had to leave to meet up with my friends from Ipoh since Shalz was in town and she wanted a meet up with all us Ipoh Mali-s who were currently in KL (will update bout this in next post). So I couldn't join Yee-Yee, who took the others to dinner.

Well, that's all I can update for now.
Stay with me!!!

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Hilda Milda™ said...

HAHA yeahh my first time having tgif was damn stuffed too :3 no wonder all the ang mohs are so big size LOL

JoYce said...

hehe...yea, true. I was there the other day again n i saw an ang moh family eating starters + main course + dessert!!!I am full with only appetisers n plus main course will make me super stuffed. But i'm still fat. =/

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