Thursday, 22 July 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010

Just a random post to show some vanity pictures of myself and Pui San from the Clinique Star Tour 2010. Was quite a disappointment to the both of us. But nevertheless, it was nice to be fussed over and made-up.

The both of us walked to Monash because they were located there and were among the first few of the day. We had our turns at being cleansed by Clinique facial products, had our faces caked with Clinique cosmetics, had our hair ruined styled by some hairstylists and the we were photographed by a lousy photographer in one little corner booth.

Feel the sarcasm oozing from me?? Well, I wasn't comfortable because the brushes which the make-up girl (I won't call her artist) used on me had a weird SMELL coming from them. Hell, I suspect the brushes weren't washed and it was on MY FACE and God knows how many other faces it has been on. The photographer was so unprofessional (I didn't expect SUPER HEBAT photographer of course but even sooooo!!!) he spent like less than a minute taking my photos. They all turned out so horrid I had to choose the least horrid to print. I know I'm not super good looking but I definitely do NOT look like a retard!! This is my official photo:-
Source :

Anyway, since we were already all made up, Pui San and I took pictures of each other as not to waste all the make-up which was caked on us. This is my make-up max face plus funky hair:-
The only thing I really loved was the mascara which made my eyelashes so doll-like:-

Took some pictures of Pui San too. Fuyohhh...she posed so nicely for me. =P

Me pulling faces.
I don't like sticky. Urghhh...

Pui San again..

Back home, I took a tissue and wiped off whatever would come off with the tissue. And this is what I looked like:-

Not bad...looks like Clinique cosmetics really last on the face.

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