Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dinner with Shalz again (=

I had no idea that Shalz was on secondment in KL for such a long period (if I'm not mistaken, 2 months???), but anyway; I'm so happy she included me in her meet ups with her cousin Vemal. (Click here to read about our previous meet up) Thanks Shalz, for taking the time, braving the roads of KL and putting up with my abysmal sense of direction even though you must be so busy at work. I hope I can be like that too when I start work in the future.

So the other day; while we were all sitting in agony in P2 class, Vemal unexpectedly asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner since Shalz was coming. Aside from me, Abel was included too. They encouraged me to call Ben since they still have not met him; so I texted him and was doubly surprised and pleased when he said he would come.Image Hosted by
With Ben on board, I was looking forward to the evening. One, because we were going to MURNI in Aman Suria (my favourite Murni branch) and secondly, we won't get lost because Ben knew the way. Teehee. And three, good company for dinner.

The night went well. We had a very merry time chattering and laughing. We sat at a table outside and it was a challenge for me to photograph the food in the dark. Haha!! First I used flash and it turned out like this:-Then I fiddled with some settings and managed to take better albeit a little blur photos. Hmm..this is a step though. I understand my compact more now. Haha!! Okay, foodie pictures of the night.

My Mango Special
I took several pictures but it somehow looked like glow-in-the-dark drink. =.=

Shalz's 'I-Love-You'

Ben's Watermelon Special

We ordered the Mee Raja Tom Yam to share but the portion that night was so small compared to the other days. And a tad too salty too. =( What gives??

Mee RajaTom Yam

Chicken Napolean
was quite good.Image Hosted by

Roti Hawaii (Beef)

Roti Hawaii (Chicken)
I supposed they differentiate between them with the mayo patterns?? Image Hosted by Anyway, we were stuffed after we finished eating. There was a little scuffle with Shalz over the bill (she tried to pay again!!!) but in the end we settled it among ourselves. Thanks Shalz, we really appreciate the gesture but you already belanja-ed us before, we cannot always let you belanja!!! Get a transfer to KL so that we can see you more often!!! =P

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