Sunday, 4 July 2010

Kar Pin Eating Shop, Ipoh

It was morning, the day of my return to KL for the new semester, meaning the end of my precious (and so short) break. Actually, I was quite looking forward to returning to KL; only that I always have the dragging feet approach to the end of my breaks. Well, as is customary, my parents brought Joshua and I out to breakfast before our 9 a.m. train. Mum suggested this shop which along the road after MGS Ipoh, Kar Pin; which I've never been to before:-

Their specialty is their assorted yong tau foo
Which they put it all at this table at the entrance

I let Mum make the choice for us and went to get a table inside. The exterior in the picture above looked so old but the interior must have been newly renovated since it was really clean and nicely lit. We all ordered coffee for our drinks.

Mum and Dad's Hot Coffee

Josh and my Iced Coffee

Our food took a little while to come, but it was worth the wait. Pictures:-

Noodles (gon lou hor fun mien)

Assorted fried yong tau foo

Assorted yong tau foo in hot soup

Their liu was really good. I am a loyal Big Tree (Dai Shue Geok) customer, where I cannot get enough of their fried liu. But this shop, Kar Pin fared very well with theirs too. Their fried liu were very crunchy and tasty, and the liu in soup were very fresh. I especially loved their giant fishball, which was springy and nicely flavoured with cuttlefish. Mmm..

BIG fishball in my plate
Looks like I've discovered another place for a yong tau foo fix!!!
Yay-ness! Breakfast plans in place for next time I go back to Ipoh!! Image Hosted by

6 squeaked:

suhaisweet said...

Visiting here..Simple but very nice blog that u have..Nice..My very da very latest 4 today friend.. Dangerous!

Lukey Cher Hong said...

wow i never knew this shop existed before even after staying in ipoh for so long..

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

JoYce said...

Hi suhaisweet,
Thanks!! Will do. :)

Hi Lukey.
Neither did I. It was my first time there too. :P

Gee said...

duhhh joyce...can't really stick to my diet plan these days...yum yumm

JoYce said...

LOL Gee, diet??I can never diet. I love food too much. :P

Jaya said...

ya.. i try b4.. i like the big fishball vy well.. another is fried bean curd with pangguang.... the taste is nice!! + i like tea ais and kopi ais...

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