Saturday, 17 July 2010

Devouring the Fisherman's Platter @ MFM

Dad was down in KL for the week for a meeting, so he decided to drop by to see his little boy and little girl, who're both currently in Sunway University College. Hehe. Fine-lah...not so little anymore.Image Hosted by Anyway, we went to Sunway Pyramid to have dinner together and decided on Manhattan Fish Market since it was also Dad's late treat for Joshua's 18th birthday.
At first Joshua and I were keen on ordering the Flaming Platter for Two but Dad suddenly pointed at the menu at the Fisherman's Platter (serves two or three) and said to order that since it has more variety than the Platter for Two. So we did just that. Sat and chatted while waiting for our orders. The staff there were very efficient and kept topping up our drinks.

Bottomless Coke

The sauces that come with the orders
One thing which rather irks me in MFM is how sparing they are with the sauces. Fish and Chips must always have a generous amount of nice tartar sauce to eat with else it will feel too oily and heaty to enjoy. Anyway, the waiter which we asked to give us more sauce was very amicable and gave us a LOT of sauces when we asked to add. Thumbs up to them.

Fisherman's Platter

Posing posing with it!!

We ate and ate and ate...Haha!! Dad kept saying that the garlic butter rice was good but could do with more cheese. I particularly liked the prawns and calamari rings in the platter.Image Hosted by It was really good. We were all super full by that time. This is Josh demonstrating the perfect "I'm-so-full-I'm-gonna-die!!" look:-

Image Hosted by

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