Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Seafood..Cooked and Uncooked. YUM

Sharing food has it advantages; I only have to pay for half of a giant plate which I cannot finish on my own, I get to taste more variety (provided the other party also likes sharing food) which means I have more FOOD PICTURES to parade in my blog. HOHOHOHOHOHO!!!

Nah, actually I only seem to do that when I'm with Yoong or Pui San around. I was in Pyramid (again) to collect my voucher from Celebrity Fitness (which I was supposed to collect in April..Oops!!) for recommending Pui San to join the gym and we had lunch together in Manhattan Fish Market. My first time ever here. We shared the following:-

Soup Of The Day : Seafood Clam Chowder
Which tasted more like tomato soup than clam chowder. Image Hosted by

Citrus Drink
It was super SOUR and cold but refreshing.

Me posing with the main course

Grilled Platter for One

Was good and I especially enjoyed the calamari!!

The portion was just nice for the both of us. We walked around a bit and got quite tired (I was yawning and yawning for no reason) so Pui San suggested to go to Sakae Sushi. I was like, "HUH??". She pulled this out of her bag:-

I swear Pui San's the Queen of vouchers and free gifts.

But I was still full from lunch and decided to only eat a few little items. Plus I'm not a fan of Sakae Sushi. *Waves Sushi Zanmai banner*.

I really don't like Sakae's ocha. Just doesn't suit my taste. =/

My Salmon sushi-s
(if you still haven't guessed I LOVE raw salmon)

Pui San and I shared this Soft Shelled Crab sushi
(it was SOFT and tasteless. So much for crab)

At first I was ready to leave but Pui San was suddenly in a good mood and ordered other stuff for herself. Image Hosted by This petite girl is a force to be reckoned with. Kudos!! Pictures of Pui San's food:-

Egg Mayo

Potato Salad
(She ALWAYS has potato salad whenever we eat Japanese)

Oyster Omelette

Needless to say, it will be a long long time before I eat Japanese again. . .

Or maybe...for a month...

Or..a forthnight???

Haha!!! Okay..end of post.

11 squeaked:

v!vi@n said...

ME LOVE SEAFOOD TO MAX TOO!!!!! HIGH 5...damn happy i got no allergy...

LionGirl said...

Wow, ladies, there's really plenty of food for only 2 of you. Tell Pui San that I salute her too! I used to cut coupons too but always end up keeping them for too long - sampai expired! Wasting my time!

Janice said...

hahah im also a seafood lover yo.
have u ever tried seafood stamboat at damansara villge? VERY GREAT!

Doris Lai said...

Seafood lover here.... :)

JoYce said...

*Hi five!!!* xDDD

Yea, my friend's just amazing right??I always end up losing or forgetting bout my coupons. =/

JoYce said...

Ooh..where's that?? :D

@Doris Lai
Hehe..yay!!so mane seafood lovers. ^^

goingkookies said...

ooooh.. food looks yummy!!

cant wait to come back home for food!!

JoYce said...

Hehe..Malaysia..the land of good foodl :P

Hilda Milda™ said...

Eeeee, you enjoy eating all day one :p next time bring me lol

Suzanne said...

I'm hungry now. lol.
I love raw salmon too! And also a bigger fan of Sushi Zanmai than Sakae Sushi :)

JoYce said...

@Hilda Milda
LOL..well, I just got baxk to Subang so a lot of friends to catch up with, hence the makan-ing. :P

Oops..haha..sorry i made u hungry. Yay!! Hi-5!!! Long live Sushi Zanmai!!

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