Friday, 16 July 2010

Treats Together

A little random update about how I am being spoiled by my dearest. =P

He made me Oreo Milkshake!! Yum yum yum yum.

Home-blended Oreo Milkshake with secret ingredient : OREOS!!!
(Okay okay..I was being lame. Don't throw stones!!)

I think I made him a little obsessed with home-made garlic bread ever since the last time we cooked together. So when I was at his place, we made garlic bread again since he had a proper toaster oven at his place.

Garlic spread made from a scratch

All ready for the oven!!

Toast toast toast
He refused to take it out because the garlic was not browned. His grandma got rather anxious that the bread would BURN so in the end he took it out. Fail again because first time using his toaster. The garlic didn't brown:-
Despite that, it was still yummy. We're going to attempt another round. Wish us luck!!

He brought me to watch Inception for the second time with his sisters and cousin (their first time, our second time) so that we can end our debate about the ending. Hehe... *ahem* And also because it was a good movie. To read about my attending Nuffnang's Preview Screening of Inception; click here. Watching it a second time was still quite interesting because I noticed and understood more. But still, there was no absolute conclusion we could come to about the ending and what lead to the ending. I guess that's what the director wanted?? Still, GOOD MOVIE.

I've been looking at some reviews on Inception and noticed some people complaining that it was not as good as they expected because the plot was not complicated enough and that there was too much action. . . . ? ? ? ? Hmm..I do understand that movies will always have critics and fans but those reasons highly amused me. Are they even reasons to complain, actually??Image Hosted by I wonder what businessmen will invest their money to budget a filming of a movie with an extremely complicated plot which few people will understand; thus leading to probably majority of viewers not liking it and giving bad reviews, which will make the movie a flop and cause the investors to lose out on their investment. There's more to a movie than just what appears on the screen. Do you agree??Image Hosted by

Anyway, ending this on a sweet note. Ben gave in to my cupcake cravings and brought me to Bisou in Bangsar Village.Image Hosted by Yay!!!

My Dark Secret

His Mocha

Bliss.Image Hosted by

4 squeaked:

Hilda Milda™ said...

whoa, for the second time, I bet the movie must be very awesome! :D the milkshake looks so good!

JoYce said...

@Hilda Milda
It was okay...actually it was more to let his sisters n cousin watch. Hehe..yea, it looked good, tasted good too. :D

ken said...

2 times?
i havent even watched once.. lol.. tomorrow! =D

JoYce said...

LOL ken..yea!!!enjoy it!!!am i making you excited bout Inception?? :D

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